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Heritage Baby Designs

Baby Wrap Carrier | Rental

Baby Wrap Carrier | Rental

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Not sure where your babywearing journey will go? Want to try it before you buy it? What if the baby doesn't like it? What if you can't get the hang of it? 

Heritage Baby Designs Rental Program is for you!

It's kind of like the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants... The Travelling Wrap will spend 2 weeks with its renter before returning back to HBD HQ, inspected & cleaned then will travel to the next renter.

Just pay the shipping, and receive a Stretch Wrap to try for 2 weeks. 
At the end of the 2 weeks, use the return shipping bag to mail the carrier back to us.

If you decide to purchase a Stretch Wrap at the end of your 2-week rental you will receive money off of your purchase.

Please complete THIS FORM before moving to checkout. 

*an $80 deposit is required in case of damages or non-return of the carrier.
* The rental program is currently only available in Canada

  • Earth-Friendly
  • Size-Inclusive
  • Made In Canada
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