Using Your Ring Sling

Ring slings come with steeper learning curve than wrap or structured carriers, but once you've mastered it, you'll find yourself reaching for this most convenient carrier.  You can comfortably fit your sling in your diaper bag and have it ready in seconds to snuggle your babe.

Chase your toddler around, take the dog for a walk, window shop at the name it, your ring sling carrier will be there for you.  This carrier can also pack up nice and small, but you can also keep this accessory on you for easy ups.

Follow TICKS for safety. This is a universal guide for keeping your children protected.

Tight – your sling should hold your baby close to your body with no slack

In View at All Times – the fabric of your sling should never cover baby’s face

Close Enough to Kiss – baby’s head must be close to your child, so you can easily lean in for a kiss

Keep Chin Off Chest – our baby’s chin should not be forced onto their chest in a curled position

Supported Back – baby’s bum must be in the deepest part of the sling with their back straight and secure

Threading Your Sling

  1. Hold your sling with rings in one hand and the tail in the other, ensure fabric is not twisted at any stage.
  2. Pleat the fabric at the end of the tail. Pass the gathered tail through both rings, roughly half way, ensuring the fabric is still not twisted.
  3. Open the rings and pull the tail over the top ring and under the bottom ring.
  4. Spread the fabric out evenly between the rings from top to bottom rails and isolate the edges of the rails so that they can be identified. They should no overlap within the rings.

Wearing Your Baby - Tummy to Tummy

  1. Put your arm through the loop of the sling and bring it over your head with the rings resting on your preferred shoulder.
  2. Start with the rings higher up on your shoulders. Spread the fabric over your shoulder. Ensure the fabric is spread across your back.
  3. Tighten the sling as much as possible before securing baby in it, using your elbow as a guide. Keep the bottom rail a little loose and the top rail snug.  The rings should rest at corsage position.
  4. Place baby high on the opposite shoulder of rings. While holding your baby, put your hand through the sling and guide baby’s feet through the pouch.  Sit baby in the pouch, the bottom rail should behind his knees.
  5. While supporting baby with ring side hand, pull the top rail up to spread the fabric over your baby’s back. Pull the excess fabric between yourself and your baby to create a deep seat from knee to knee for baby.
  6. Tighten the sling bottom to top rails to removed excess slack. Use the tail of the sling by pulling up and out.  Continue tightening until fabric tension is tight, even and snug across the backs of baby and wearer.  Once secure, always conduct TICKS check.

Taking Baby Out

  1. While supporting your baby with one hand, loosen the sling by pulling up on the front ring.
  2. Pull fabric to create more slack in the pouch.
  3. Guide baby back out of the pouch and place in high burping position. Place baby down to remove your sling carrier.