• Using your Ring Sling

    Ring slings are an easy-to-use, versatile carrier that allow you to wear your baby in a variety of positions with a custom fit each time. Designed to be longer than other brands, this sling will provide shoulder support and fit most wearers and babies comfortably while supporting strong bonding, hands-free convenience, and chest feeding on the go.

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  • Using your Baby Stretch Wrap

    Stretch wrap carriers are a great first-step carrier for new wearers and newborn babies.  This carrier is comfortable, easy to master, and great for long wears.  Whether your babe wants in and out of the carrier or to be close to you on those cluster feeding days - your stretch wrap carrier is sure to add some convenience to your days.

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  • Tutorials

    Ring Sling and Baby Stretch Wrap Carrier How-To Videos.

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    Find out what parents and cargivers are saying about Heritage Baby Designs: Baby Carriers.

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