Sustainability is a very important peice of our small business. The earth needs are help if we want a future for those babies we carry. 

We continue to implement new ways in our operations to create a more sustainable future for our business, the environment and the community.

As leaders in Canada's Babywearing Industry we have a responsibility to ensure we operate sustainably to set the standard for the rest of industry. Our goal is have as minimal waste as possible eventually hitting zero waste. We are doing that by changing how we order our materials and creating new products from extra materials.

Our Products

We create heirloom quality baby carriers that can be used for multiple children and passed down. You truly only need of our carriers you entire parenting journey. We choose materials like tencel and bamboo that use less resources to process and European Linen known for its ability to last for years and years. Linen is made from the flax plant which is extremely versatile with virtually the entire plant being used when harvested.We source these materials from other brands that have the same values and care about sustainability just like we do. With the "waste" we do create from leftover materials of our carriers we continue to repurpose them into new products. You can shop our swaddles here. 

Our Packaging

Packaging can be full of waste, that's why at Heritage Baby Designs we package your carrier in a reusable canvas bag, with a recyclable (after use) registration card and your Carrier Manual. If purchasing online with shipping your order gets put into a Biodegradable Mailer or Recyclable Cardboard Box. 

Our Carbon Footprint

As a small shop, it's important to us to build a brand that cares for planet in as many ways as possible. All orders are shipped or dropped off in bulk to reduce back-and-forth travel. All fabric orders are made with our footprint in mind - selecting only shipping options that save on carbon output.