Thanks for clicking through to learn some more about Heritage Baby Designs.  My guess is that you want to know what sets us apart from the rest.

Heritage Baby is the brainchild of me - Kayleigh, mother to three who resides in Simcoe County in Ontario, Canada. I can't tell you the exact moment that I knew that this was an adventure that I wanted to embark on, but it has felt 500% right from the start. Before my son was born I knew that I wanted to try to be one of those moms with her baby strapped to her body. It always seemed that those babies were so calm and comfortable, and those parents always had their hands free! This appealed to my general busy nature. My son was in his first baby carrier (a stretchy wrap) by the time he hit twelve hours old - I was hooked.

As my obsession for babywearing grew, so did my desire to find a product and brand that fit my wants; eco-conscious, company that gives back, parent-owned and operated, handmade, and cute! I made my first sling to fit these wants and more, and so Heritage Baby Designs was born.

The name Heritage came to me when I started thinking about what mattered to me in my life and what sets my family apart. I am of Jamaican and Guyanese descent, and my husband Portuguese, but we're both born in Canada. Each carrier is (and will be) named after places that are close to our hearts and the hearts of those we know and love.

When you purchase a Heritage sling, you are also supporting charities that are close to our hearts. Some of the organizations we have been able to donate to are:

My hope that everyone finds the same comfort and love in my slings as I do. My mission is to create support for parents - from our wearers to babies to the communities we support both locally and around the world.

Keep those babies close to your heart while keeping your hands free.


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