Ultimate Guide to Ring Slings: How to Choose, Wear, and Care for Them

So, you're wading through the baby carrier world and ring slings keep popping up? They're cute, they seem simple, but maybe a little too simple to be safe, right? Not true! Ring slings are secure, comfy, and surprisingly easy to use once you get the hang of them. They'll carry your little one from newborn all the way to preschooler! Let's break it down.

How to Choose a Ring Sling Style

Ring Sling Shoulder Style

Mostly you'll want to choose from different shoulder styles. The most common are gathered, padded, and the rare floating shoulder. Heritage Baby Designs Ring Slings are a floating gathered shoulder.

What are the benefits of our shoulder style?

The floating gathered shoulder gives you custom feel and fit for your comfort! I find that these are best suited for a carrier that will be shared with several wearers - each person can get the fit they want every time.

Ring Sling Fabric Types

You'll also come across different fabrics for Ring Slings along with layers of fabrics. The most popular Ring Sling fabrics are Linen or Cotton, you may also find other options however we wouldn't suggest them. Linen and Cotton are strong and made of nautral fibres that make them a great choice for babywearing. 

At Heritage Baby Designs, all our Ring Slings are made of 100% Linen, our custom patterns are made of 50% Linen and 50% Cotton. 

Ring Sling Fabric Layers

Lastly, Layers. You can have Single, Double or even Triple Layer Ring Slings. This is simply how many layers of fabric make up the sling. One layer attached to the rings, two layers sewn together, or you guessed it 3. 

What's the reasoning for layers? Extra layers can give more support. The thing about extra layer they can also be heavier and thicker which you may not want.

We have a majority of single layer ring slings, however our custom patterns in the 50% linen 50% cotton are double layers!

How to Wear a Ring Sling

Reading instructions is good, but seeing it done is even better. We suggest watching video tutorials on ring slings like these ones, or searching youtube.

Once you've watched a few, practice! You can practice before baby arrives by putting the sling on with a doll, stuffed animal, or even a bag of flour. As you get more confident, the idea of carrying a real, live baby won't seem so scary!

Bonus Tip: Did you know you can wear a ring sling on your front, back, or even your hip? That versatility is one of our favorite things about them.

Care Tips: Ring Sling Carrier

Different fabrics have different needs, but gentle washing goes a long way for all slings. As mentioned earlier, Heritage Baby Designs uses 100% European Linen, which is happiest with a cold wash and hang dry. Short on time or stuck in winter? (Canadian mama here, I feel you!) Toss it in the dryer on low with some wool dryer balls. Need a full tutorial on how to wash? Read it here.

Why We Love Ring Slings

Here's what made our Founder a Ring Sling convert:

  • Easy care: Toss it in the wash, you're good to go.
  • Speedy wear: It's the quickest carrier to put on.
  • Toddler helper: Perfect for quick pick-me-ups and put-downs.
  • Lightweight: Easy to carry around, even when not in use.
  • Packs small: Folds up nice and compact.

* Bonus about Heritage Baby Single Layer Linen Slings: perfect for Warm Climate Babywearing & a great layer when bundling for Cold Climates as well!

So, there you have it! The ultimate guide (well, almost) to ring slings. They're cute, comfy, and secure – what more could you ask for in a baby carrier?

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