The Down-Low on Newborns

What No One Tells You (But You NEED to Know about Newborns)

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We all know the drill: "Sleep when the baby sleeps!" "Cherish every moment!" Blargh. Been there, heard that. But listen up, because we're ditching the sugar-coated advice and diving into the real, raw deal of what it's like with a newborn.

This comes straight from my experience (three kids, whew!) and some awesome friends and family. Think of it as your backstage pass to the not-so-glamorous (but totally worth it) world of new parenthood.

Disclaimer: This is all based on the assumption your little bundle of joy is medically sound.

mom kissing baby's head in a baby wrap carrier with text overlay saying " ditching the sugar-coated advice on life with newborns)

3 Need to Know pieces of Advice for Newborn Parents

1. Sleep Now, Cry Later (But Not Really)

Alright, so newborns mess with sleep. That's a given. But guess what? It might actually be BETTER than the fourth trimester. All of those aches, gas explosions, and wild dreams keeping you up at night? Yeah, those mostly vanish once the little tenant vacates your apartment (uterus).

Sure, a newborn might wake up every few hours to eat, but hey, at least they're quiet (mostly) in between! Plus, those feedings are key to them growing big and strong.

Now, if you're on kid number two, forget those daytime naps you were dreaming of. My best advice? Catch some sleep whenever you can!

2. Your Baby's a Psychic (But Not Really)

Ever feel like your baby is one step ahead of you? Like they're already onto the next thing while you're still figuring out the first? This is especially true during milk transitions. Brace yourself for a few rough days (days 2-4ish) - more frequent feeding, fussiness, the whole shebang. It's because your baby can actually sense the changes happening in your milk, and they're working overtime to pull through that transition.

Meanwhile you're wondering why your nipples hurt, you're sweating like mad, you're all of the sudden crying over toast (weepiness is to be expected, but having someone to check in with you is key to catching anything more serious) and your shoulders hurt. Just remember, your baby is a pro at getting their needs met.

Be patient with yourself! Watch your baby as much as you can, you're learning so be easy on yourself, but that baby is born wired to feed their needs and we're grown ups who have been ruined by years of adapting.

3. The Love-Hate Relationship with Your Partner (It's Okay!)

Listen, the person who isn't you can't feel what you're feeling. Not physically, not emotionally. They can only guess at how to best support you. This can lead to some serious communication struggles, especially with a first baby.

The key? Be open and honest. But before the baby arrives and your brain goes into overdrive, talk to your partner about prioritizing communication. This way, even when you just want them to magically understand everything, they can step up and support you.

Remember, they're ideally the one feeding you, holding the baby while you shower, and keeping the house from falling apart so you can rest.

Having a Newborn is simply Chaotic, ask for help!

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you embark on this wild ride called postpartum. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, a brand new chapter, and there's no one-size-fits-all way to navigate it. Embrace the chaos, because even though it feels like forever in the moment, these precious newborn days fly by.

Don't be afraid to ask for help from family, friends, or a doula. You deserve the support, and it will allow you to truly enjoy those fleeting moments with your brand new little love.

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