So You Just Got Your First Carrier: Mastering the Art of Babywearing

Congratulations on your new carrier! Babywearing is an amazing way to bond with your little one, keep them close, and get things done hands-free. But let's be honest, it can feel a little daunting at first.  Especially with a squirmy newborn in tow!  Well, fret no more, because I’m here to help you become a babywearing pro.

Think of babywearing like any other skill – it takes practice!  Here are some top tips to get you started on the right foot:

Practice Makes Perfect (Even Before Baby Arrives).

This one's for the pre-parents out there. If you have your carrier before baby makes their grand entrance, take some time to get familiar with it. Play around with the straps, practice putting it on, and see how it feels. Trust us, those pre-baby practice runs will feel like a win later on.

Feed the Crew: A hangry baby (or parent!) is no fun for anyone.

Make sure both you and your little one are well-fed before your babywearing adventure. A happy tummy equals a smoother experience.

Well Rested Wins the Race.

We know, we know, those newborn nights can be rough. If you're feeling foggy or burnt out, maybe save the babywearing session for another time. A well-rested you is a more patient you, which is key for babywearing success.

Start Low and Slow.

Your first babywearing rodeo doesn't need to be an epic marathon. Aim for 5-10 minutes to get comfortable, then take a break and assess. As you and your baby get the hang of it, you can gradually extend your wearing time. This goes for your physical comfort too! Babywearing takes some getting used to, so listen to your body.

It's Okay to Take a Break.

Sometimes, things just don't click. If you're feeling frustrated or your baby isn't a fan, take a break! There's no shame in stepping away and coming back to it later. Take a deep breath, grab a snack, maybe even have a little dance party to de-stress. Then, when you're both feeling calmer, give babywearing another go.

The truth is, babywearing can be a lifesaver for new parents. It allows you to get things done while keeping your baby close and content.  Just remember, it's a learned skill, and there will be bumps along the road (like that time I cried trying to use a ring sling for the first time!). But with a little practice and patience, you'll be a babywearing pro in no time.  So hang in there, and get ready to experience the joy of babywearing!

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