how to wash a ring sling baby carrier

How To Wash A Ring Sling

How to: Easily Clean Ring Slings

Being without your baby carrier while it’s being washed can be rough, learn how to clean your ring sling carrier simply and efficiently. Read this step by step guide on how to clean your baby carrier with your regular laundry.

How to wash your Ring Sling in the Laundry

Washing your carrier is very simple and you do not need anything special nor do you need to do anything different than washing a normal load of laundry. 

All you need to do is put it in the washing machine on cold water; regular wash with whatever detergent you use, we use TruEarth. You can even wash your sling with your other laundry. When the wash cycle is over, simply hang to dry, inside or outside. That’s it!

To preserve the longevity of your ring sling, we recommend washing less frequently and never putting your carrier in the dryer. 

If you are washing the Ring Sling on its own, we recommend using the delicate cycle.

Showing what TruEartch Laundry Strips look like

How to Remove Stains from Your Carrier

If you have a stain on your carrier, you need to take one extra step. You’ll need a laundry stain stick, we use Buncha Farmers. Wet the stick, rub into the stain and then you can launder your Ring Sling using the steps above. If the stain is harder to remove we suggest drying it outside in the sun to help remove more(or all) of the stain.


Why do we choose natural laundry products like Tru Earth and Buncha Farmers?

Besides being a little better for the planet. We prefer to use natural ingredients over chemicals, we’ve tried these ones specifically and know they work. It’s a bonus that both these brands are Canadian as well. 

Chef's Kiss to Buncha Farmers Stain Remover Stick

You can also find our Wash Care Instructions here and other Frequently Asked Questions about our Baby Carriers here. You can also email with any questions.

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