Traveling Sling

I'm so excited to introduce this program to Heritage and build an amazing and strong Heritage family tree across North America!

The basics:

  • The sling will stay with each member for ten days
  • Shipment will be paid for by the sender
  • A travel journal will go along with the sling, please fill it out as you adventure and cuddle in the sling
  • A private Facebook group will be created for us to share the sling's adventures
  • The schedule will be posted on the private Facebook group, please ship the sling on time
  • Of course I ask that you treat the sling with as much love (if not more) than you treat your own
  • The program is only open to residents in North America
  • The first sling will start its journey on August 15, 2019


Applications are currently closed, but if you're interested in the next Traveling Sling please feel free to give me a shout at kay@heritagebaby.ca