Congrats, you birthed a tiny human! Now, your days are full of broken sleep, cluster feeding, and trying to figure out if how your body feels is “normal”. Whether this is your first or fifth baby, you’ve probably figured out by now that our society doesn’t offer any support for new families. Late night Google searches and scrolling through Instagram hasn’t helped you find a space for connection, help, and non-judgmental advice.

Join the Heritage Postpartum Support Group, a six-week virtual program to help postpartum families connect and thrive under their new “normal”. Enjoy each class from the comfort of your couch, even as you’re nap-trapped, feeding, or covered in spit-up. 

Have a baby between 1 and 9 months old? Learn to help heal your body, bond with your baby, and find a rhythm for your new lifestyle no matter where you are in your postpartum journey. You’ll be able to easily apply everything you learn from virtual classes on babywearing, mindfulness, infant sleep, and more. You’ll also connect with a community of other postpartum parents who know exactly what you’re going through. 

As professionals, we know that every postpartum experience is different. This is a no-judgment space: you can take what advice works for you, and leave what doesn’t.